Digital Forensics And Malware Analysis


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Windows Forensics

  • It helps to recover, analyze, and preserve computer and related materials in such a manner that it helps the investigation agency to present them as evidence in a court of law.
  • It helps to postulate the motive behind the crime and the identity of the main culprit.
  • Designing procedures at a suspected crime scene which helps you to ensure that the digital evidence obtained is not corrupted.
  • Data acquisition and duplication: Recovering deleted files and deleted partitions from digital media to extract the evidence and validate them.
  • Helps you to identify the evidence quickly, and also allows you to estimate the potential impact of the malicious activity on the victim
  • Producing a computer forensic report which offers a complete report on the investigation process.
  • Preserving the evidence by following the chain of custody.

Malware Forensics

Chapter 6




Cyber Security Researcher

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Cyber Security Researcher

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